1 year 4 months
85 lbs
Great Pyrenees
Hey, y’all! I am Gus. Thanks to my BEST-ever foster mom, who has taught me so much, my Pyr confidence and trust are back! My foster mom also says that I am growing up, and she is very proud of me!
GPRA knows that I will continue to blossom with an experienced Great Pyrenees owner. It will take a consistent, gentle, and confident approach that includes lots of positive reinforcement to help me continue learning. If you tell me I’m a ‘very good boy” and pet me a lot, I will continue to make you proud.
Here is what my foster mom knows about me.
“Gus is a happy, playful little smurf. He can be shy at first with new people. However, his happy boy and clownish personality shine through when Gus trusts you and is comfortable with his surroundings. He is also very affectionate with well-trusted humans and loves being with you.”
“As a young Pyr, Gus enjoys a decent amount of activity. He is a fantastic walker and loves to go for 20-40 minutes walks several times each day.”
“Gus needs his own backyard – a place where he can run, dance around with toys, and be a playful and goofy boy. Once Gus gets out his zoomies, he is calm in the house and settles in for the day.”
“Gus communicates when he needs to go “Out.” For example, he will go to the patio door and paw it. Also, if he has an urgent need at night, he will put his front paws up on the bed and lick you until you wake up.” (Sorry to wake you, but when I gotta go, you gotta get me outside.)
“Gus has really blossomed into a great companion and will make a wonderful buddy for someone who will continue investing the time to build a strong bond with Gus.”
“Gus loves the 150 lb, 13-month-old Saint Bernard down the street. When they see each other, they know shenanigans are about to go down. So they both wiggle in excitement and get ready to test our patience with the games.”
“Gus is also a shameless lover of belly rubs; once he knows you well, he will flop down with all four paws in the air. Then, he will wait until you take the bait and rub his belly.” (Yep, I know how to play the belly rub game!)
GPRA recommends that my future home not have younger children.
Pyr-ready to celebrate the holidays with my new family!
Your loving, playful, and goofy Pyr boy, Gus

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