Bo & Luke Crumble

Bo DOB 07/29/2017 & Luke DOB 7/29/2018
Bo 100 lbs & Luke 84 lbs
Male and Male
Great Pyrenees

Hi, we’re Bo and Luke Crumble! Now, doesn’t that sound like a pair of country singers? We may not sing, but we are best buds. We’re more like the dessert crumble because we’re so sweet! Our foster dad says we love to give hugs and to follow him around the house, and the only thing we love as much as our people is each other. Foster Papa says we even walk side-by-side. Walking is something we’re really good at. We never pull, and we always stay right beside our humans. Bo, here! My brother and I love and respect our fosters so much that we also wait very patiently for any treats. We know the commands: sit and shake, and we’ll gladly show you for a biscuit or two. Luke, here! And, if we get any cookie, or dog biscuit, crumbs in our fur, don’t worry because we love to be brushed! We’ll probably nudge your hand with our heads for pets too while we’re getting groomed. We basically love anyone who wants to give us attention, including those little humans called kiddos. We’re a loving pair of pyrs who would love to come with you!

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