Cotton Dobby

6 months
64.5 lbs.
Great Pyrenees
Hello, all of you dog-loving humans! My name is Cotton Dobby. With the help of my wonderful foster family, I am ready for adoption and cannot wait! This is what my foster family said about me.
“Cotton is outgoing, curious, smart, such a lover, and a playful boy! He has yet to interact with kids but is great with my Pyr. He is fine with guests and guests’ pups!” (I am a fun-loving and affectionate boy! My foster momma’s guests give me more attention and playmates, which is Pyr-awesome! And, I promise that I’m extra gentle with the pups!)
“Cotton loves food and gets really excited to eat! Cotton consistently tries to eat my Pyr’s food.” (With time and guidance, I will learn to slow down a bit. To avoid food bowl conflicts, it’s always best to feed dogs separately.)
“Cotton is active and ready to play and explore! He will benefit from further leash training. He walks great with my dog, is always friendly with unknown dogs, and is unlikely to create a fuss. Although he enjoys exercise, he is ready to come inside, too!” (I love daily walks and explore time! I hope we can go on many walks together in the future!)
“Cotton has been left alone with my Pyr for several hours. He is still learning to communicate his need to go outside but has shown lots of improvement!” (Every day, I am learning! A little time, patience, and consistency will help me grow and learn!)
“Cotton loves to be brushed.” (Brushing shows me affection and keeps me looking handsome and feeling fabulous!)
Ready for the Pyr-good life!
Pyrly yours, Cotton Dobby
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