Dear Great Pyrenees Friends,

This is Rocky and this is his story. We received a call late Sunday afternoon from a small emergency vet office in Charleston, Tenn. about a 3 month old PYR puppy that had accidentally been run over by it’s owner and had a fractured pelvis. Repair, if possible, required an orthopedic surgeon at a cost of approx. $7,000 and we were the puppy’s last chance. It took us 1 minute to commit to take the puppy and we then set GPRA into motion. We called our surgeon at home and explained the situation and he indicated the positives were that the puppy was so young that he will heal quickly and since this tragedy had just occurred, he could repair the fracture before the bone could heal incorrectly. He wanted the puppy, we named Rocky, to arrive by Monday afternoon and he would schedule surgery for Tues. morning.
Between Nedra, Guy and Bunny, we picked up Rocky, took him to our vet at VCA for shots and expedited his arrival to Northlake and our surgeon Matt for additional x-rays. By the way, Guy said, despite pain, Rocky’s tail never stopped wagging whenever anyone approached.  Our GPRA people descended on Rocky‘s vehicle like it was a medi-vac. What we were told was a pelvic fracture was actually a pelvic fracture on one side and a pelvic crush on the other side.
Less than 48 hours after that first phone call, Rocky has been repaired and will have a totally normal PYR life. Marla and I just finished our call with Matt following an almost 5 hour surgery. Matt inserted a plate and six screws on each side of Rocky‘s pelvis and, like a puzzle, put the pieces from the crushed side back together.
Rocky will spend the next 2-3 days at Northlake and should be up and about on his own by Thursday or Friday.  Rocky could not get up when he arrived. He will heal quickly and will need to have controlled activity until his next x-rays in 4 weeks. If all looks good, as Matt expects, he can go back to normal activity and his prognosis is for a totally normal Gentle Giant life.
I cannot be more proud of the way our GPRA family responds to emergencies and Rocky will be one of our poster boys. Rocky will be one of our big beautiful males and we now want to see who wants the honor of fostering or adopting him. He is also an example of why the successful Thanksgiving Match is so important as it allows us to take PYRS like Rocky on a moments notice. Feel free to donate to Rocky and we will be anxious to see what lucky family becomes Rocky‘s forever home.
Thank you,
John Heldrich
GPRA, President and Founder