Dear Great Pyrenees Friends,

Our orthopedics operated on Liam on Friday. The surgery was a success as a plate, a 7 inch rod and 10 screws were inserted to correct his fractured leg. The bone had good cell supply remaining in the fractured area so bone from the pelvis was additionally grafted to add more support.

Two of our very best fosters immediately stepped up to foster Liam for the 8-12 week recuperative period. Sherry, who has adopted quite a few from GPRA and has fostered many, will, with husband Mike, nurture Liam through the healing period. Sherry is an ER nurse and Liam will recuperate on their 55 acre farm. Additionally, we think we have the perfect home for Liam, once he recovers, with a wonderful family in Michigan who are experienced with PYRS having leg surgery.

We have also found perfect forever homes for Nysha, who arrived emaciated with mange, and our beautiful deaf puppy Paisley.

We found out about Liam on Wednesday afternoon and look what has transpired since. This is possible because we are prepared, as an organization, to make quick decisions and our leaders are then empowered to move on them. We are also funded to the extent that we can pull the trigger when we are literally in a life or death situation for the PYR.

In the next few weeks, most of you will receive a book of 10 raffle tickets that are to be sold for $20 each. The winner of the $10,000 ticket will be drawn at our Gentle Giants in the Park event on Sunday, April 23rd. It is imperative to GPRA and our ability to rescue the most desperate PYRS, that each family sell or purchase their 10 tickets. If you have adopted, fostered, surrendered, walked or just follow our PYRS on Facebook or our website, please commit to taking responsibility for your share.

Thank you,
John Heldrich
GPRA, President and Founder