Dear Great Pyrenees Friends,
The story of Liam. Wednesday afternoon, we received a call about a young PYR in Rome that had been shot. A policeman found the PYR laying on the side of the road. It took us under a minute to make the decision to save the PYR we named Liam. Dee and Marla went to work. Our star orthopedic, Matt, alerted us at 10:30 Wednesday night, after examining the xrays, that Liam’s leg could be fixed, probably with a plate, unless there was nerve damage in which case the leg would need to be amputated.
Liam was examined yesterday and his leg does not have nerve damage and he will have surgery today or Monday. He never complained and is a sweetheart PYR. We will never know what gutless person took a shotgun to him but we do know he will have a great life going forward. We will need a foster/adopter for his 8 week recovery.
Thank you,
John Heldrich
GPRA, President and Founder